Event theme branding – LATi Showcase

As part of the 2016 Leicester Business Festival, LATi hosted a showcase event entitled ‘From earth to space & beyond’.

The showcase attracted over 100 attendees and 40 exhibitors containing representatives from Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park (LUSEP) as well as LATi members. The event highlighted the rich diversity of expertise within the LATi membership, including space science and engineering, automotive, industrial design, bioscience, life sciences, energy, materials science, information technologies, business services, and more.

Below is our short animated sequence for the event …


As design sponsors for the event, Crayfish Design suggested the need for a brand to galvanise the separate elements into a cohesive theme. This approach not only helped LATi to promote the event to their membership and potential visitors, but also gave the organisers some criteria in determining who they would ask to speak at the presentations.


  • Logo and brand identity
  • Animated logo sequence
  • Presentation template
  • Exhibitions and events flyers
  • Digital communication templates

Concept and understanding

The final concept utilised a figure element that inhabits the LATi logo identity and was replicated to form a circular configuration that symbolises the LATi community of members. The resulting form was then used to emphasise the vast physical scalability that is transcended by science and technology in the search for understanding and advancement – from subatomic particles via the iris of an eye and through to a space hub formation with outreaching connections. Colour was employed in an array of softly morphing, yet vivid hues.


The brand was applied to a wide range of traditional print and digital formats for use at the event and online through social media routes. This included:

  • banner stands
  • posters
  • event leaflets
  • exhibitor lists
  • event badges
  • social media templates
  • presentation templates for the speakers


In addition to the above applications the theme was also used on 200 promotional gift packs that were to be gifted to each of the attending exhibitors, plus an animated sequence that was employed as an introductory piece for the presentations and online promo to extend awareness of the event through social media platforms.

What the client said

“The benefit of working with Crayfish Design on this project was their attention to detail and careful project management. Creating material for an event is never as simple and straight-forward as it looks, but it all ran incredibly smoothly. We were thrown a few curveballs. However, Crayfish Design took all the amends and changes in their stride. Nothing was too much trouble”

“The animated sequence was a wonderful surprise: it showed the design imagery unfolding, telling the “earth to space and beyond’ story in visual form. It cleverly set the scene, creating an exciting introduction to the conference.”

Gillian Hunter, LATi Manager

“Thanks to Crayfish Design, we were able to deliver a professional looking event that the LATi community and our supporters were proud to be associated with. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Crayfish Design for brand identity and design projects.”

John Duncan, LATi Chairman

Read the full client testimonial here

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