Welcome to Crayfish Design

We are a Loughborough based graphic design agency devoted to producing sustainable solutions that are tailored to your needs and the requirements of your audience.

There is a lot of time, effort and planning that goes into establishing a niche in any industry. At Crayfish Design we believe it is our responsibility to deliver solutions that are based on a strong understanding of our clients, in helping them to best expose those defining qualities to their potential customers.

Our ethos is based on a combination of best practice, effectiveness and value. With the support of our experienced graphic design team, we can produce a high quality of work across a wide range of marketing materials for your organisation. From the traditional brochures and leaflets to bespoke content managed websites, we can maintain a consistent aesthetic by utilising our enriched logo design and brand creation services. For a full list of our offerings please visit our Services section.

Every project has constraints whether they be financial, technical or time-based. We make those limitations work for you and explore the possibilities in shaping a justifiable solution, that you can feel comfortable with.