The miniature monsters of Highgate Common

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust is a leading nature conservation charity that aims to protect and enhance the wildlife and wild places of Staffordshire and promote understanding, enjoyment and involvement in the natural world.

As part of their work the Trust is developing a conservational project at a place called Highgate Common situated just south of Wolverhampton. With the help of volunteers from the local community, the wardens are establishing an environment that will help encourage the diverse and sometimes rare inhabitants of the Common.

As with every project that falls under the banner of the The Wildlife Trusts, one of their primary objectives is to involve and engage with the local community and visitors. In this instance, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust worked with us to devise a set of contemporary interpretation boards that focussed on the unique indigenous insect life, in a campaign entitled ‘Miniature monsters’.

July 2013 saw the official unveiling of the project with attendees including local council dignitaries and senior representatives from the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust.

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