Discover Charnwood – campaign

Charnwood Borough Council sought to promote the unique landscape, character and wealth of attractions within the borough through a dedicated campaign to 'Discover Charnwood'. read more »

What colour reflects your business?

What colour reflects your business

Colour gives your brand personality, it influences the mind on both a conscious and subconscious level, creating a reactive and often emotive response. read more »

Crayfish Emerges at Showcase

Crayfish Design attended the 2018 Innovation inCharnwood Showcase and announced the launch of a new productised service called Beyond the Scale. read more »

Crayfish release new productised service

BtS is a productised service that takes an existing logo and reproduces artwork suitable for a wide variety of media from production print to online activities and apps. read more »

From earth to space & beyond

‘From earth to space & beyond’ is the theme of the LATI 2016 showcase to be held on Monday, 24th October – the first day of Leicester Business Festival. read more »

Celebrating twenty years of LATi

This year marks twenty years of LATi, a Loughborough based organisation that provides networking and business support for companies and individuals involved in the innovative use of science and technology. read more »

Animated logo sequences

Bring your logo to life for exhibition displays, presentations, show reels and tv/online ident sequences. read more »

We have ‘Refreshed’ our logo

There is always a point in every brand’s life when it becomes apparent that it needs to change – the important thing is that you identify when that time is and address it accordingly. read more »

A renewable energy revolution – logo and brand

As energy prices continue to rise McVeigh Technical Solutions were seeking to expand their existing air-conditioning services into the emerging renewable energy market. read more »

New logo for local charity

The Shepshed ALLey Group is a charity youth group for special young people aged 11 – 18 with physical, mild learning or social interaction difficulties. The Group was set up to benefit those young people who struggle with conventional youth groups or don’t really fit in with, or want to fit in with, other groups and clubs. read more »