Supporting WildFest2015

Crayfish are proud to announce that we are supporting Staffordshire Wildlife Trust during this year’s season of WildFest events.

At Crayfish we wholly endorse the efforts undertaken by the UK’s Wildlife Trust network in their ongoing commitment to the conservation of nature. These events are open to the general public and will engage visitors with access to wildlife experts. Other activities include:

  • See local artists at work
  • Outdoor and wildlife goods for sale
  • Crafts
  • Nature activities
  • Talks and guided walks

To find out more about what events the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust will be hosting this year visit

In our capacity as suppliers to Staffordshire Wildlife Trust we provide services such as interpretation board layout, signage, site maps, leaflets, illustration and photography.

For more information about what we’ve been doing for the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust see our work.

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