Native Crayfish

Most of the work we do for the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust (SWT) is provided for individual nature reserves. However, occasionally we are involved in campaigns at a county level that can focus on issues with national, or even international significance.

Recently we were involved in producing a small brochure highlighting the plight of the White-clawed crayfish, a species that has an endangered status on a global scale.

We were tasked with laying out the information in an engaging and concise manner, that would help convey the importance of maintaining the crayfishes’ natural environment. It also contained a case study section that illustrated the intense procedure of re-establishing suitable areas for these crayfish to be allowed to thrive.

Working to guidelines that had limited steer for collateral of an A5 format, we devised a template based on the SWT grid structure. This template needed enough flexibility to create an interesting set of page compositions whilst reflecting the newly defined identity aesthetic.

For more information about what we’ve been doing for the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust see our work.

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