Interpretation Singage

For sites that are a matter of interest to members of the general public, interpretation panels provide a fixed source of information that will engage visitors with their immediate surroundings and – given the proper context – can impart an understanding of a much wider issue or philosophy.

The installations themselves can be produced in a range of materials including oak, pressure-treated softwood and coated aluminium/steel, and can be constructed in a range of formats including infoboards, lecterns, single leg panels and waymarkers.

Interpretation Types

In order to determine what type of installations may be required, there are some considerations that could have a significant bearing on a project of this type:

  • Where are the visitor entry points?
  • Is the information going to be updated regularly?
  • Is the content a general overview or is it location specific?
  • Is there an online presence for realtime information updates and will visitors be able to get internet access?
  • Are there certain areas of the site that are more/less accessible than others?

This type of signage is a long term investment, so be sure to remember:

  • Be brutal with copy editing and remain true to core principles
  • Write content that is intuitive and focusses on the key areas
  • Keep it light – interpretations are generally viewed by a broad range of individuals who will have differing interests and priorities
  • Think about what it is that makes the environment unique and reflect the dynamic within the presentation
  • Make sure people know where they are in relation to any significant areas or landmarks
  • Tell the audience about any aims and objectives for the area and keep them involved

Finally, to ensure that the information can be relayed to visitors as effectively as possible, be brave and explore the use of maps, photography, illustration and digital interaction where appropriate.

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