Exhibition Stand-out

If you’re planning to exhibit at an event, your main focal point will usually be the stand. Exhibition banners are a vital part in conveying a snapshot of your offering and have to appeal to potential prospects, through an overwhelming haze of marketing paraphernalia.

But before you start scribbling ideas furiously on a scrap of paper, you should consider some fundamental questions that may have a profound impact on what you end up producing:

  • Are any of your important messages likely to be obscured by furniture or incidental items?
  • Will the primary messages be visible from a distance?
  • Is the information on your banner suitable for the audience?
  • Is the banner going to be used frequently or rarely?
  • Is the banner a long term or short term investment?

Is your banner everything you had hoped for?

Banners can command a significant proportion of your marketing budget for exhibitions, so next time you plan to have a banner made remember:

  • Concentrate on what you see as your core messages
  • Think about what makes your offer desirable and unique
  • Don’t subject your audience to an avalanche of intense detail
  • Embrace your USP and create a banner that endorses your organisation’s philosophy
  • Make sure all of your legitimate prospects get
  • Give your audience a specific action to perform and start qualifying those leads!

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