Email Campaigns

An email campaign can be used to communicate a multitude of informational and promotional messages; providing a means to inform recipients via regular updates, a carefully constructed campaign process or just something that is totally improvised and impulsive.

The email itself is simply a way of transporting a recipient to the resource, enticing the audience to embark on a journey that should ultimately enrich the sender’s own understanding of what works and what doesn’t work.

When creating an email campaign, there are some important considerations that may influence how you communicate with your contacts. Email campaigns can make a healthy return on your investment, but they can also have an adverse effect on your cherished contact lists, so next time you plan to send an email remember:

  • to concentrate on a main message; ‘Above the line’ is a term that has been well-versed and continues to serve as a reminder that scrolling is not appealing to everyone.
  • it’s just an email; The email is only the first part of your campaign interaction. Your main objective is to gain meaningful responses from your audience and to assess any potential interest that could be converted.
  • to question if you really should send it; Sometimes you may struggle to generate new and engaging content, be careful not over saturate your channels of communication with same old, same old.

What to avoid and when to apply

Avoid too many messages
Keep you core messages loud and proud and reduce the noise.
Apply short introductory messages
Tease the recipients into exploring further to help you optimise future communications.
Avoid rigid schedules
Don’t over commit to predetermined send schedule and consider timings from the perspective of your audience.
Apply engaging aesthetic
Embrace your USP and create an email that is on-brand and distinctive.
Avoid a lack of direction
If you’re struggling to fill your email with purposeful content, you probably shouldn’t send it!
Apply coherent call-to-actions
Give your audience a specific action to perform and start qualifying those leads!

Previous projects

Crayfish Design has extensive experience of sending email campaigns that are sensitive to the nature of our clients industry. We will take the time to create campaign materials that are consistent with your brand and conveys your message in a manner that will maintain the interest of your audience.

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