Website refresh – Evolve Consulting Services

Redeveloping an existing website and migrating it to a content managed environment to allow the site owner more control. The new site will improve natural SEO results and enable a more dynamic use of content.


Crayfish Design were tasked with transitioning the essence of the old static HTML site into a new CMS-based system. The updated site will be compatible with a range of web enabled devices and will also increase SEO performance.


  • Design and layout
  • HTML, CSS and PHP coding
  • CMS integration

Concept and understanding

For the previous 10 years Evolve Consulting Services Ltd had relied on a website that used a static content template and had virtually no search engine optimisation. Changes to content had to be implemented by somebody who was familiar with HTML coding, and that meant every change would be subject to a fee. As a result, the site was failing to entice any interest and was not delivering any meaningful benefits to the company.

Since the site’s original incarnation, web-based media has moved on considerably and with it the expectations of the internet community. Our job was to add functionality to the system that would emphasise the value of its content and would display it to users in a more appropriate format.

The client was generally happy with the look and feel of the existing site, with that in mind we set about creating a set of visuals that would reuse the core elements in a template that would work more effectively in a modern context.


As Evolve is a small company with no dedicated marketing personnel, we decided that the day-to-day administration of the site needed to be as simple as possible.

We discussed specific functionality requirements with the client, helping us to assemble a solution that would allow the client maximum control with basic system knowledge.

The content fell into three sections; Business, Enterprise and Personal – each of which had its own distinct branding. We decided that the branding would need to be applied with minimal client input and integrated a dynamic feature within the template, that would filter colour themes, menu options and testimonial quotes automatically.

Last, but not least, we added stylesheet coding that would optimise the page format in response to the viewers device i.e. PC/mobile/tablet.

As a result the client now has a site that they can add content to at will, at no further expense to their business and is setup work on all manner of web enabled devices.

What the client said

“Crayfish Design has reinvented and refreshed my website so that it is possible to be viewed from all technical devices with ease and is becoming more visible on Google. They did a tremendous job of refreshing my brand identity and website experience so that it is still congruent and integral to the brand, but is even more engaging and impactful than before. I am very pleased with the work that they have done and I would totally recommend Crayfish Design as a provider to establish or reinvigorate your brand identify and website experience.”

Cathy Brown, Director, Evolve Consulting Services Limited

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