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EffecTech is the global leader in gas measurement, providing accredited inspection, calibration and testing services to the energy and power industries for gas quality, flow and total energy metering. An award-winning international organisation, they supply their high-quality products and services to customers all over the world.


Crayfish Design were tasked with transitioning the existing static HTML website into a new media responsive one, that would deliver clearer and focused information to its target audience. EffecTech wanted the website to be more readily accessible for their customers and prospects to find the products and services they required, to raise awareness amongst stakeholders within the industry and as a point of knowledge and experience for this level of excellence.

Media repsonsive design - before and after


  • Design and layout
  • HTML, CSS and PHP coding
  • CMS integration
  • Backend customisation

Concept and understanding

From the outset Crayfish Design worked closely with EffecTech to help define the aims and objectives for the new website. It not only needed to be both more secure, it also needed to be media responsive, in that it would work efficiently with a range of web enabled devices and help increase SEO performance.

As the existing website had different types of customers visiting, along with industry focus and academic connections, it was important to understand the intricacies and key areas that worked and those that needed to be retained. We therefore, explored different structural approaches and combined them with redefined user journeys from which we could construct wireframe plans for testing. This approach allowed the experience to be evaluated and resulted in visitors being efficiently directed to their intended target.

It was agreed that the existing website was too cluttered and confusing, having been developed over time it exhibited several interface gremlins where features had been squeezed in. Furthermore, it presented lots of mixed information all at once, which typical of a static website was then repeated across all of the web pages. The restructuring of the content was therefore, paramount to the success of the new website and would also set the foundations for any future development going forward.


Our primary focus was to produce a design that provided clear and distinct areas for content and utilise a combination of static and dynamic elements to engage with the visitors.

From the new website structure we created a series of web designs to further test the interface and one that would best fit with the brand and engage with users.

The resulting design redefined the content areas and utilised a range of graphic elements to enhance the user experience. We integrated several dynamic features to ensure that content was automatically kept up-to-date and varied.

Example service page


The customised features included:

A lightbox feature ensured that additional supporting information could be viewed without navigating away from their current location in the website.

A tailored backed and administration area of the CMS making it easier for specific tasks and to allow them to concentrate on the content rather than formatting. A set of auto-recognised attributes with icons to denote function types.


Predefined header images

Preset icons to denote function types

The website was also an opportunity to unify and build on the brand refresh that Crayfish Design had developed for their latest brochures and marketing materials.


What the client said

“EffecTech has worked with Crayfish Design on a variety of projects so they were the obvious choice to design the new EffecTech website. Jim and his team guided me through the process of defining the website specifications and provided advice about the layout to maximise impact and make sure it was suitable for all users. The site is now optimised for mobile as well as desktop use and easy to update in-house using the tailored CMS system.”

Kate Leech, Marketing Manager, EffecTech

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