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Travelodge - HR brand toolkit

Travelodge is the UK’s largest independent hotel brand with more than 500 hotels covering the UK, as well as parts of Ireland and Spain. With a vast multinational workforce, their HR department required a more efficient means of communicating with their employees.


To develop an internal brand toolkit that will enable Travelodge HR to produce cost effective comms solutions internally, with the aim that only print and publishing requirements should be outsourced.

The internal brand needed to fit with, yet be distinguishable from their public brand and tone of voice. It was to be delivered to Travelodge HR in the form of a templated toolkit for a range of collateral including letters, presentations, email signatures, posters and certificates.


  • Branding
  • Design and layout
  • Template creation
  • Guideline documentation
  • Training

Concept and understanding

Our initial concepts for the look and feel of the internal brand, were steered by a sense that it should reflect the customer focused material, so that it should not look out of place in instances where it may be displayed in areas accessible to the public.

The conceptual/developmental stages were pivotal in defining a coherent brand, with the emphasis behind these stages evolving throughout the process, eventually leading us down quite a slightly different path to the one we had originally started on.


What had remained constant throughout the developmental phase was a reference to four main areas of engagement. It was this element mentioned in our first meeting that had ultimately defined the entire brand based on four icons, in conjunction with a free-flowing aesthetic extracted from the notion of a ‘journey’.

Through the creation of the toolkit we provided a set of predefined formats and artwork elements to allow Travelodge to easily implement their own communications. Our objective was to allow the client to focus on applying the content rather than having to consider design or formatting issues.

Travelodge - HR brand toolkit document examples

It was originally proposed that the templates may be generated in a suite of online software that the eventual users had used previously, but after extensive testing in these alternative software packages we determined that this option was not practical going forward. Therefore, the template files were created in Adobe InDesign and optimised for ease-of-use.

Travelodge - HR brand toolkit training

The internal staff were then given training by a Crayfish Design representative over the course of a few hours and supplied with a bespoke instruction manual for reference.

About the client

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