Spring promotion materials – Charnwood Borough Council

Charnwood Borough Council and Love Loughborough were looking to promote key activities taking place in the town centre. The intention was to increase footfall and attract the local people back into the town to access different venues and attractions.

The theme and local focus of ’Love Loughborough’ was to be applied across five categories, Eat Local, Shop Local, Best Night Out, Night Time and Local Markets.’


Crayfish Design were asked to create a series of designs that would be used across several Tourist Information Points (TIPs), a range of A3 posters for footfall locations and social media posts.

Charnwood / Love Loughborough – Tourist Information Panel


  • Theme creation
  • Signage
  • Illustration and icon design
  • Poster design and layout

Concept and understanding

The designs needed to be vibrant and include a supplied photograph specific to each of the categories. The council were also planning to utilise their heart lighting to hang through the town market place to coincide with the scheme.

We explored a few ideas to how we could combine all of the elements and integrate a heart shape to reflect but not conflict with the existing heart used in the ‘Love Loughborough’ brand and marketing.


‘The theme of ‘Love Loughborough’ and the heart shape has been given a glow of light.’

The selected design uses a vibrant heart shaped form as the primary feature – this has the same proportions of the Love Loughborough logo, with the addition of smaller hearts radiating out to convey a sense of sharing warmth – a radiance of love.

To give a local connection, the heart form also incorporates the ’Sock Man’ silhouette at its base as this takes a central position in the town, it is recognised by the community and has a generic representation in that it doesn’t favour any particular sector.

Colour was used to differentiate each of the categories and were specifically selected to tie in with the photography. To make the colours more vibrant these were set upon a deep blue background of the Love Loughborough brand.

As the concept developed, we created a series of supporting icons for brochure download, theater and social media links.

A3 posters

Charnwood / Love Loughborough – A3 posters

Social Media Banners

Charnwood / Love Loughborough – Social media banner

What the client said:

“Following the successful design of Charnwood’s Christmas promotional campaign, the Borough Council subsequently engaged Crayfish Design to produce a series of artworks for a Springtime campaign to run from early January until May.

The theme was ‘Love Loughborough’ with five treatments: ‘Shop Local’, ‘Eat Local’, ‘Love Your Local Market’, ‘Local Entertainment’ and ‘Local Nightlife’. All five aspects aimed to heighten awareness of the town centre to help increase footfall.

Jim from Crayfish sat in to observe the initial planning meetings between Charnwood Borough Council and the Loughborough BID team to get a feel for the requirements, and we felt that this helped to give Crayfish a deeper insight into the overall aims of the project.

Crayfish supplied a superb suite of artworks with the common theme, but also stylised for each treatment. The use of colours within the design to reflect details in photographic images within was particularly effective.

Reformatted versions of the artworks were subsequently used by both Charnwood Borough Council and the Loughborough BID for social media banners across all platforms.

The installed works have all received favourable comment both on the streets and on Social Media. Both CBC and the Loughborough BID were impressed with the care and creativity shown by Crayfish, together with excellent customer communications.”

Nick Shaw, Business Support and Administration Officer – Charnwood Borough Council

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