Interpretation project – Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

As part of the Wildlife Trust for Staffordshire’s conservation commitments, Highgate Common provided an opportunity to compose a unique set of interpretation panels aimed at informing the public about some very rare insect inhabitants.


We were to create a set of twelve interpretation boards and a leaflet, that would inform the local community and visitors of the activity and objectives for the trust achieve on the Common. For this particular project there was a need for a considerable amount of illustrative work, that would help highlight some unusual characteristics associated with the insects found on the Common


  • Illustration
  • Photo manipulation and compositing
  • Project management of deliverables

Concept and understanding

It was made clear from the start that Highgate Common is a site that owes its heightened status mainly to the diverse array of insect life. These creatures rely on the sandy earth and extensive heathland environment, which in turn helps attract some rather special birds at various stages of the year.

With this in mind we collaborated with the site’s senior warden to create a campaign entitled ‘Miniature monsters’ that focussed on – as you might imagine – some of the more unsavoury insect inhabitants.


In order to engage with a wider audience, we dedicated ten of the interpretation boards each to an insect. These boards focussed on the unusual and sometimes disgusting traits that were associated with that specific bug. Each board consisted of a photograph, illustrated character, actual size silhouettes and a set of scores based on predefined criteria, along with some introductory text.

What the client said

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Crayfish Design. They were brilliant to work with, quick to respond, the standard of their work is very high and they grasped the concept of what we wanted from the project straight away. A completely positive experience with no complaints!”

Jeff Sim, Roaches Warden, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

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