Charity shop – Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

To assist Staffordshire Wildlife Trust in setting up their first high-street charity shop. The shop is intended to support their ongoing fundraising activities and also raise awareness of the work they do in maintaining sites that are strategic in wildlife conservation.


To produce a proposal for the SWT’s first high-street outlet that will help determine a template for any future projects of a similar ilk. Crayfish Design will advise and help co-ordinate the trust on their own responsibilities, as they gain experience in implementing such a project.

Ultimately we will provide all of the relevant artwork, whilst corresponding with suppliers and ensuring that the trust has gained local administrative approval where necessary.


  • Concept proposals
  • Design and layout
  • Illustration
  • Client-Supplier co-ordination
  • Project management of deliverables

Concept and understanding

Even though we had done many projects for the trust before, it was imperative that we transferred the core values and messages into materials that would be effective in a setting that was unfamiliar to the SWT.

The trust was experienced in creating a commercially focussed environment to a captive audience at a nature reserve. This experience needed to be channelled into creating a shop that would be part of a high-street community and would inform customers of their vital conservation work.


We defined everything from the sign above the door to the colour on the walls, using the existing guidelines as a basis and expanding on them to create a theme that would merge the SWT’s core message with a commercially viable offering.

A combination of permanent, semi-permanent and temporary fixtures were utilised to create a look and feel that could be altered from season-to-season or even week-to-week, so that the staff could tailor the displays accordingly. This would also allow the shop to evolve as the trust gleaned more information regarding customer habits and feedback.

What the client said

“Crayfish Design did a fantastic job designing the signage for our new charity shop and made it really stand out from the rest. They helped us to create a unified look that reflects our charitable aims and values.”

“They are reliable, met all our tight deadlines and are easy to work with. I’d thoroughly recommend them.”

Liz Peck, Communications officer, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

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