Corporate identity and branding

At Crayfish Design, we have spent many hours discussing and refining the design and work that has been required for creating new brands, re-brands and brand refreshes that we have been involved with over the years.  Throughout all of these dialogues, we have realised that there are a core of rules that should be followed, so we thought we would share them with you.

  • Ensure you understand your organisation from your clients perspective
  • Develop a mission statement – to represent what you deliver and why you are better than your competition
  • Develop a memorable phrase to quickly demonstrate your company values and evoke an emotion – ideally no more than six words that match your services and make them believable

A few of the top advertising slogans:

“Think different” – Apple

“We try harder” – Avis

“Never knowingly undersold” – John Lewis

“Beacuse you’re worth it” – L’Oreal

  • Make sure you keep true to your brand once developed, i.e. use the same font, name, colours and imagery, inside and outside your company
  • People remember visuals more than words, so consider using a design to represent the company
  • Make sure you educate your team to understand about the brand and imagery associated with it
  • Monitor how well your brand and marketing is received by encouraging client feedback and information whenever possible
  • Keep printed literature to a minimum order level to ensure that a regular update and refresh can take place to avoid the brand going stale. Also consider the environmental impact of discarding unused stock.
  • Focus the brand on your core service and do not attempt to cover everything you do
  • Ensure you keep the reputation of your brand, internally and externally by the way you trade and work as a team.

To deliver all of these elements is challenging, which is why we are always happy to spend time with any organisation prior to this process to ensure that this is the correct time, investment and choice for your company.