Refresh your Exhibition

Is your banner everything you had hoped for?

When creating a banner for an event, there are some important considerations that could have a profound impact on what you end up producing. Banners can command a significant proportion of your marketing budget for exhibitions, so next time you plan to have a banner made remember:

  • to make sure your message is visible; The primary area for content is a one metre region towards the upper half of the printed area. Keep any important messages within this region to avoid them from being obscured by incidental obstructions such as tables, chairs, bags and boxes.
  • it’s just a banner; The banner is there to entice your audience. If you have more information, put 0it on a flyer or in a brochure and concentrate on making your banner more appealing than your competitor’s.
  • to question how you intend to use it; Is the banner going to be used frequently or rarely? Is the banner a long term or short term investment? These questions can affect what quality of production you decide to use and also the specifics of your content.

What to avoid and when to apply

Avoid too many messages
Concentrate on your core message and make sure it is relevant to the event and the audience.
Apply a clarity of message
Think about what it is that makes your offering desirable and view every exhibition as a unique opportunity.
Avoid listing every detail
The majority of your audience will rarely know as much about your product as you do.
Apply engaging aesthetic
Embrace your USP and create a banner that endorses your organisation’s philosophy.
Avoid a lack of direction
You probably won’t get the chance to talk to everyone so make sure any legitimate prospects will always know what to do next.
Apply coherent call-to-actions
Give your audience a specific action to perform and start qualifying those leads!

Previous projects

Crayfish Design has extensive experience of creating eye catching exhibition materials for a diverse range of organisations in B2B and B2C based industries. We will take the time to create a banner that is loyal to your brand and conveys your message in a manner that you feel comfortable with.

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See some other examples of our work

There is a lot of time, effort and planning that goes into establishing a niche in any industry. At Crayfish Design we believe it is our responsibility to deliver solutions that are based on a strong understanding of our clients, in helping them to best expose those defining qualities to their potential customers.

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