New logo for local charity

The Shepshed ALLey Group is a charity youth group for special young people aged 11 – 18 with physical, mild learning or social interaction difficulties. The Group was set up to benefit those young people who struggle with conventional youth groups or don’t really fit in with, or want to fit in with, other groups and clubs.

Crayfish Design were asked to create a new logo for the group, one that would unite the members and also externally promote the charity to the community and sponsors.

To get a real understanding of what the group was about and what it meant to the children we joined in on an evening with the activities, talking to both the children and volunteers who support the charity.

The feedback and input from the members of the group was fantastic and really helped to define the type of logo that we were to create; a good design brief and real understanding of the client produces the best results.

Our approach was to deliver something that represented the group with a young fresh approach and that it was fun to be a member.

“The logos are being used on all our letters to members and correspondence, and we are in the process of transferring it to our website and charity commission documents.  The members love the logo and feel that it really shows what the group is about and shows how the people that go to the group are ‘the same and treated the same’ … It has had a great impact on the group and the members love having something to show for our name.”

Ellen Rowsell, Leader of the Shepshed ALLeY Group,

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