From earth to space & beyond

‘From earth to space & beyond’ is the theme of the LATI 2016 showcase to be held on Monday, 24th October – the first day of Leicester Business Festival.

The showcase is expected to attract over 100 attendees and 40 exhibitors from Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park (LUSEP) and LATi membership. The event will highlight the rich diversity of it’s members, including space science and engineering, automotive, industrial design, bioscience, life sciences, energy, materials science, information technologies, business services, and more.

With an exciting line up registration for the event is highly recommended and is now live on the Leicester Business Festival website.

As LATi members and design sponsors for the event, Crayfish Design produced the visual concept and are helping to provide the showcase with a distinct brand identity.

In creating the concept, we utilised the figure element of the LATi brand identity and formed a circular arrangement to represent the collection of members that will be exhibiting. The resulting form was styled to reflect the three different scales of the theme and a deeper understanding and insight to science and technology – from the subatomic particles of the earth represented by a particle collider, the iris of an eye providing visible focus, through to a space hub formation with outreaching connections. Colour was also used to reflect the theme with yellow and green for the earth, blue and deep purple for space through to the red warmth of distant suns.

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